Fastest Growing Custom Insole Company in Southeast Asia

CFOOT is the fastest growing custom insole company in Southeast Asia since its founding in 2017. We offer you the same growth opportunity with a CFOOT Franchise. CFOOT uses the latest technology from Italy in order to provide custom insoles and other footwear solutions. Our shoes are also designed and engineered in Italy.



Be Part of a Growing Industry in Singapore

Singapore has been named "Home of the World's Fastest Walkers" by many newspapers around the world. Singapore is also home to many people who suffer from foot problems or want to walker longer time with less pain. A study found that in the last decade, the market for custom insoles in Singapore has grown by an average of 120% per year. This evidence shows the future demand of orthotics in Singapore.



CFOOT Training

Customers continue to return to CFOOT and they refer their friends and family. In order to continue this trend, we provide thorough and adequate training to all our staff because the way we treat our staff, this will be the way our staff will treat our customers. CFOOT will provide you with staff training, product and technology knowledge, and the management training in order to setup a strong foundation for success. We will provide you with manuals, management consultation, and your employees will train at our store locations. We care about our customers, we care about our staff, and we care about our business partners, this is the philosophy that has allowed us to grow.

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